Wellness Therapy Space

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Shari Tan

Shari Tan Therapist About Me I am a passionate and highly experienced therapist with over a decade of expertise working with both children and adults in private and public settings. My background includes training as a Speech Pathologist, providing me with in-depth knowledge of child development, speech and language issues, and special needs. Qualifications Master … Read more

Megah S

Megah S Counsellor I help people from their daily life struggles, self-esteem, work-related, anxiety, depression, relationship issues (breakups, affairs), grief & loss to trauma. No issue is too small or too big, everything matters if it is affecting you and don’t be afraid to take the first step to reach out. I’m very passionate about helping … Read more

Sharmishtha Gupta

Sharmishtha Gupta Counsellor Are you feeling lost, confused, or isolated in a world that doesn’t quite understand who you are and what box to put you in? Do you struggle with self-esteem, which could show up in the form of a self-critical voice, perfectionistic drive, or a feeling that you’re never quite good enough? Or … Read more

Caroline Ho

Caroline Ho Counsellor Caroline believes the decision to seek counselling is a courageous one and sees counselling as part of a self-care journey. In her counselling sessions, she seeks to hold space and provide a safe, non-judgemental space for her clients to freely express themselves and manoeuvre their life challenges. In her practice, she has experiences … Read more