Wellness Therapy Space

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Term & Conditions

  1. Member’s Responsibilities in using the premise

    1.1. The Member shall not make or permit to make any alterations in or additions to the Premises or any part thereof or the Host’s fixtures, fittings and decorations.
    1.2. The Member shall use the Host’s fixtures and fittings in a proper and careful manner and shall indemnify the Host in the event of any damage caused to the Host’s fixtures and fittings.
    1.3. The Member shall not remove the Host’s fixtures or fittings.
    1.4. The Member shall use the Premises for private consultations in accordance to their profession, be it coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy or other forms of talk-related services.
    1.5. The Member shall not store or bring upon any part of the Premises or the Building, arms, ammunition, or unlawful goods, gunpowder, salt-petre, kerosene or any explosive or combustible substance.
    1.6. The Member shall not use the Premises for a sale by auction or for any dangerous, noxious, noisy or offensive trade or business, nor for any illegal or immoral act or purpose.
    1.7. The Member shall not do or permit anything to be done on the Premises which may cause nuisance, annoyance, disturbance, inconvenience, injury or damage to or give cause for reasonable complaint from the Host or its tenants or the occupiers of the Building.

  2. Cleanliness Of the Premise

    2.1. The Member shall keep the Premises and every part thereof clean, hygienic and tidy, at a standard acceptable to the Host
    2.2. The Member shall not serve any food or drink – with the exception of water – or allow any consumption of food or drink on the Premises.
    2.3. In the case of spillage, cleaning or replacement charges will be issued to the respective member.

  3. Confidentiality

    3.1. The Member shall keep confidential and not disclose to any third party any information, all correspondence and discussions between the Host and the Member about and in relation to this Agreement unless the disclosure is required by law or made with the prior written consent of the Host or its agent.

  4. Use of Address

    4.1. The Member shall be free to use the Premises address (Wellness Therapy Space: 111 North Bridge Road #06-22/23, Singapore 179098) on their marketing material (i.e. website, business cards or leaflets)
    4.2. The Member shall not use the Premises address (111 North Bridge Road #06-22/23, Singapore 179098) as their official business registered address.
  5. Access to The Premises

    The Member shall not reveal, hand-over or disclose any code, card or accessory to permit access to the Premises to any agents, licensees, invitees or person other than themselves, in the capacity as the person registered for granted access to the Premises.

  6. Meetings & Appointments

    6.1. To allow for transition between sessions, the Member is automatically granted an additional 15 minutes at the end of the scheduled session.
    6.2. Should the Member exceed its stay by more than the additional 15 minutes, pro-rated fee in accordance to the room unit cost on https://www.wellnesstherapyspace.com will be levied.
    6.3. The Member shall be responsible for being at the office on time to welcome their Guest.
    6.4. The Member shall see their Guest out of the Premises or leave together, ensuring the Guest is never left unattended at the Premises

  7. Refund Policy

    7.1. The Member shall complete all cancellations or changes online within their Member profile.
    7.2. A minimum of 6 hours prior to the commencement of the booked session is required for all rescheduling or changes. Rescheduling or changes within a 6-hour period from the commencement of the booked session, shall incur a 100% fee.
    7.3. For package holders, in case of a cancellation with more than 6-hour notice, a credit note is issued in the Member’s account that can be used for the next booking. Monetary refunds are not issued for cancelled bookings.
    7.4. A paid subscription/package plan may be cancelled at any time. However, please note that a 30% administrative fee will be applied to the remaining credit balance on the package. Refund Policy

    7.5. There will be no refunds for pay-per-use bookings
    7.6. The credits within the package are non-transferable. If one member decides not to utilize the space and there are remaining credits, these credits cannot be transferred to the other member sharing the package. The package should only be used by the members identified to the admin as sharing it. If the credits are used for another party, the member’s profile will be deleted.

  8. Termination By Notice

    Wellness Therapy Space holds the right to permanently or temporarily terminate or suspend the practitioner’s access to the service without notice and liability if, in our sole determination, the practitioner violates any provision of these Terms or any applicable law or regulations.

  9. Indemnity

    Members agree to indemnify and hold Wellness Therapy Space harmless from any demands, loss, liability, claims or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) made against them by any third party due to, or arising out of, or in connection with the services offered on the website.

  10. Modification of Terms
    Wellness Therapy Space reserves the right to modify these terms at our sole discretion. Kindly review the Terms and Conditions periodically when booking rooms. Members’ continued use of the website or our service after any such change constitutes their acceptance of the new Terms.