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Sharmishtha Gupta



Are you feeling lost, confused, or isolated in a world that doesn’t quite understand who you are and what box to put you in?

Do you struggle with self-esteem, which could show up in the form of a self-critical voice, perfectionistic drive, or a feeling that you’re never quite good enough? Or just existential thoughts like “Who even am I?”

Do you feel as though you’re missing a core piece of yourself when your closest loved ones are scattered halfway across the world?

Have you experienced a lot of changing relationships, schools or homes due to moving and find it hard to have meaningful and satisfying relationships? 

Figuring out who we are and where we belong in this universe is part of the human experience. However, the TCK identity is its own unique phenomenon, at different life stages and with different stressors going on. You deserve support from someone who gets you.

About Me

I’m Sharmishtha, a licensed mental health counselor, and I can join you in figuring out your place in the world.

As an adult Third Culture Kid (TCK), my journey to develop my own sense of self has played a significant role in my calling to help adolescents and adults navigate their unique issues around cultural identity, adjustment, assimilation, and multicultural families and relationships. 

Some of the challenges I can support you with include managing stress and anxiety, improving self-esteem, processing grief, understanding and healing from past traumas, and navigating relationship difficulties. I work with many individuals who struggle with or are interested in exploring their identity as it relates to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and culture and how these may be impacted by systems of oppression.

My hope is that in working with me, you feel comfortable enough to explore the complexities of day to day struggles, and be empowered to make positive changes.